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Navigating the new AI and business landscape is a journey, and every journey benefits from a trusted companion. With Trent's experience in driving global innovation with AI, consider him your co-pilot in this transformative expedition.


Years of Expertise

From Chief Information Officer to ensuring Amazon Alexa's AI Privacy, Trent has spent 25 years immersed in technology transformation and innovation of all types.

Amazon Journey

In almost 9 years in senior leadership at Amazon, Trent drove its global expansion, using a deeply collaborative approach to identify and create innovation that scaled globally, often with AI. Trent delivered Amazon's global Last Mile Technology innovations, and with Alexa's AI, struck a harmonious chord between creating magical and cutting-edge technology and ethical stewardship.

Collaborative Visionary

Trent partners with executives across industries and company sizes to co-create new business models and products, using the latest technologies and innovation methods to create sustainable growth.

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Witness Trent's Captivating AI KEYNOTE TALKS


Make your Businesses Thrive in the AI Revolution

From the impact of generative AI to what it will take to succeed in the future, this AI keynote moves beyond hype to provide attendees with specific, actionable steps they can take to use AI immediately in their businesses.
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Use AI to Unlock the Secrets of Amazon's Innovation Success

This AI and innovation keynote shares a framework for leaders to follow to increase their growth with AI, based on the methods Amazon pioneered, including Amazon's famous Working Backwards innovation process.
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Becoming an AI, Innovation, and Technology Leader

It's no longer enough to be a technologist or a business leader. For career success, you need to become an AI, Innovation and Technology Leader. This keynote is for tech leaders who want to enhance their careers by leveraging AI to deliver continual business value.
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AI, HR, and Workforce Transformation Success

This AI keynote examines the seismic shift that generative AI is bringing to organizations and the consequential challenges for Human Resource departments and leaders. It includes an actionable transformation framework HR leader can use immediately.
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independent support FOR AI + business success

Trent's only goal is to enable your success with custom and direct advice. Book Trent for a compelling dive into what it takes to succeed in the AI-powered business era. Drawn from his vast experiences and enhanced by the latest trends, his talks inspire, educate, and spark innovation.

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Continually Updated Knowledge:

Trent brings to the table the freshest insights, ensuring your audience gets the latest and most relevant AI perspectives.

Passion Meets Engagement:

Not just an expert, but a storyteller. Trent captivates audiences, making complex AI topics both relatable and riveting.

Versatile Expertise:

From CxOs to technologists, Trent resonates with a wide spectrum of audiences, ensuring every listener feels spoken to.

Real-World Case Studies:

Harness lessons from Trent's tenure at Amazon and collaborations with other industry giants, providing unique and concrete context to abstract ideas.

Customizable Content:

Tailor the engagement to your needs, whether it's a deep dive or an overview, ensuring maximum value for your audience.

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Introducing Trent Gillespie: Visionary INNOVATION + AI Speaker

With a global perspective on AI and technology, Trent’s journey encompasses years of unrivaled expertise and transformative insights.​​

With over two decades at the zenith of technical innovation, Trent's leadership prowess is epitomized by his near-decade as a Senior Technology Leader at Amazon. There, he championed Amazon's worldwide growth across every business and geography, masterminded Alexa's global privacy and compliance blueprint, and steered the revolutionary Last Mile Technology—the backbone of Amazon’s delivery mechanism.

Today, Trent stands as a beacon in the AI landscape, offering unparalleled consultancy, keynote speeches, and transformative training sessions that empower businesses to harness AI and catalyze unprecedented growth.

Secure Trent's Expertise for Your Next Event


Trent brings your audience the freshest insights, ensuring they get the latest and most useful AI and innovation advice.

AI + Innovation Workshops

Trent's passion is to empower others to succeed, through teaching them the most useful AI and innovation methods.


Trent assists leaders of all types, from helping create new business models and product offerings to AI transformation guidance.

Leaders Transformed: Success Stories

Trent’s guidance has transformed businesses, averting potential pitfalls and ensuring AI-driven triumphs.

"Fantastic work! To succinctly frame the problem, highlight the issues and suggest a path forward in a concise statement is invaluable, and that is what you have done here."

~ Software Engineering Lead, Fortune 500 Retailer

“VERY informative and incredibly aligned with the way we think ...not to mention a delightful peek behind the Amazon methodology curtain”

~ Director, Growth and Creative Strategy

“Trent harnesses his Amazon experience to help perpetually disrupt markets and convert concepts into billion-dollar businesses that scale.”

~ COO and Co-Founder, Startup Accelerator

Luminary: Leadership Education in the Age of AI

To best empower leaders for the future, Trent founded Luminary, an elite online leadership education platform powered by AI visionaries. It's not just about helping leaders understand AI; it's about mastering the leadership strategies required in this transformative age. Together, Trent and Luminary are committed to shaping business leaders who don't just adapt, but thrive and lead in the evolving AI landscape.

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Don’t Be Left Behind in the AI Wave

Secure your business’s future. Let Trent guide your AI journey towards unparalleled success.