Trent provides engaging and impactful executive-level on-site and virtual workshops to inspire leaders and their teams to improve innovation and transition into AI-powered companies. All workshops are customized to the specific group and goals, to ensure a high-impact result.

Consider Trent for leadership and team offsites, quarterly events, company or group All-Hands meetings, or a leadership or team workshop.

Building an AI-Powered Business that Wins
‍(One-Day Workshop)

Give your leadership team the shared knowledge and hands-on experience it needs to take advantage of recent advances in generative AI for business.  This workshop provides exclusive, executive-level training on generative AI and its impact to business. It continues with hands-on experience to equip your leaders with a shared understanding of using it across roles. Finally, it ends with evaluating and creating your approach to a AI-powered business transformation. In a single day you can create your AI/business strategy.
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Innovate Faster with Amazon's Working Backwards Process + AI
(One-Day Workshop)

In this workshop, product and innovation teams will learn Amazon's famous Working Backwards Innovation process, and how it approached innovation to create growth over the last 30 years. In addition, they receive the exclusive training on how to use AI to improve Working Backwards, which Amazon employees have said would revolutionize Amazon's approach if they used it internally. This also includes exclusive insider tips and how to adopt Working Backwards in other organizations.
A person using a tablet with a chart on it.

AI-Powered, Customer-First Innovation that Wins
(One-Day Workshop)

Power up your innovation team to create better customer offerings faster than ever with AI. In this workshop, product and innovation teams will learn the fundamentals of using generative AI to improve their innovation processes, using Amazon's famous Working Backwards Innovation process and other proven concepts.
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AI-Powered, Customer-First Innovation that Wins
(Two-Day Workshop)

Extend Trent's signature workshop to two days, and gain critical innovation knowledge spanning from creating sustainable innovation portfolios to validating ideas effectively, all enabled with AI.
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AI-Powered HR Leader
(One-Day Workshop)

Get your HR leaders the foundational AI knowledge and hands-on experience needed to support your workforce and business transformation.
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Create Your Small/Medium Business AI Strategy
(One-Day Workshop)

In just one day, Small- and Medium-Sized business leaders can learn the basics of AI, go hands-on, and create their high-level AI strategy to drive future growth and competitiveness.
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Leaders Transformed: Success Stories

Trent’s guidance has transformed businesses, averting potential pitfalls and ensuring AI-driven triumphs.

"Fantastic work! To succinctly frame the problem, highlight the issues and suggest a path forward in a concise statement is invaluable, and that is what you have done here."

~ Software Engineering Lead, Fortune 500 Retailer

“VERY informative and incredibly aligned with the way we think ...not to mention a delightful peek behind the Amazon methodology curtain”

~ Director, Growth and Creative Strategy

“Trent harnesses his Amazon experience to help perpetually disrupt markets and convert concepts into billion-dollar businesses that scale.”

~ COO and Co-Founder, Startup Accelerator

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Don’t Be Left Behind in the AI Wave

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